Tuesday, February 22, 2005

GT Linebackers #4 in the nation???

That's what one writer at CFN insinuates.

Q: Here is my list of the top 5 linebacker trios in the country going into 05'. Is it accurate? If I left someone out or someone doesn't belong, feel free to re-arrange. Thanks.

1.) Ohio State: Hawk, Carpenter, and Schlegel
2.) Florida State: Sims, Davis, and Nicholson
3.) Iowa: Hodge, Greenway, and Humpel
4.) Virginia: Parham, Brooks, and Blackstock
5.) Auburn: T. Williams, A. Williams, and Sears - DT

A: I won’t argue with Ohio State number one, but I’d put Iowa a very, very close number two with Abdul Hodge and Chad Greenway the best 1-2 in the nation. Darryl Blackstock has declared himself eligible for the NFL draft, but the Virginia linebackers will still be tremendous. I’d find a way to get Georgia Tech’s trio of Gerris Wilkinson, Chris Reis (who's also a safety) and KaMichael Hall in there at number four. Penn State has a killer group coming back as well.

In addition, they think GT/Auburn is one of the best 10 non-conference games this upcoming season:

8) Georgia Tech at Auburn, Sept. 3 – This Yellow Jacket defense should be a killer and could chalk up a huge early win for the ACC.