Friday, February 18, 2005

Jackets in Katz's Top 10....2 times

Well, we were part of Katz's 10 pre-season questions:

10. Is Georgia Tech an elite program or a one-hit wonder?
This is still up for debate.

The Yellow Jackets have been inconsistent, and they can't use the excuse that guard Barry (BJ) Elder was hurt for part of this season. Elder played Sunday night when NC State came into Atlanta and left with a W.

If Georgia Tech doesn't get into the NCAA Tournament or is a first-round flame-out, the Yellow Jackets' staying power could be called into question. Paul Hewitt is known to be a solid coach and is one of the game's statesmen, but the Yellow Jackets have underachieved so far this season.

Georgia Tech has the talent to make another March run to erase what has been a frustrating season. If Tech can get to the Sweet 16 again, the regular-season failures will be lessened and perhaps erased.

More recently we make his 10 unanswered questions heading into March......

8. Which team does a No. 1 seed not want to see in its region's 8-9 game?
Georgia Tech.

The Yellow Jackets haven't played up to their potential, but this is largely the same team that reached the final game a year ago. If the Yellow Jackets get into the field, and our guess is that they will, they could end up in the 8-9 game and be a daunting second-round opponent for a No. 1 seed.

Georgia Tech still has three of the most talented guards at their respective positions in Jarrett Jack, B.J. Elder and Will Bynum. This team hasn't played with the same defensive intensity it did a year ago but something tells us that once the NCAA Tournament starts, the experience will kick in from a year ago as will the hunger to prove the regular season was a bit of a mirage.

I think it's fair to say Katz has been nice to the Georgia Tech program in his coverage.