Sunday, February 27, 2005

Shennanigans in Miami

So how do you spell shennanigans? Anyway, evidently there were a couple of students in the Miami section that put up a sign that said "Schenscher - Australian for Sucks". Buzzjacket1 over at the Hive claimed this was what he did at halftime:

Since the picture was put up - I have to let all on hive-nation know - at halftime, myself and my friend walked over to the miami student section, went down to the front row and walked up to the kid with the sign - and I personally took the sign right out of the kids hands. Then, to the displeasure of many, we took off, ran up the aisle, out to the concourse. We then returned to our seats, behind the goal, opposite from student section.... we then screamed to get the attention of the student section, held the sign up and ripped into about 10 pieces... A few UM students came over to reclaim, we gave them the pieces, much to their displeasure (they were not too happy, to say the least). BUT - I saved the piece containing the first 5 letters of Luke's last name - and after the game - we ran into someone who works in the AA - we signed the sign, and were given assurance that it will be delivered to Luke on Monday.

Also, evidently there is a discussion of this over on the Miami discussion board also. And here was the response from the guy who had the sign:

As for the sign - we're not soft, we just never saw them coming. I had just won my plane trip, we were looking at that and getting the score of the Heat game from a cell phone when those two GT "fans" snuck up behind us and grabbed the sign - Hurricane Frank had put it down right by his seat and turned away from it. We didn't even notice the sign was gone until they were already halfway up the stairs, and even then, we sent two guys over to get our sign back (they had ripped it up by then). I can't say for sure what happened over there, but our guys that went over to the GA section where the GT fans were sitting said they challenged the two GT fans, who could only say that "violence is not the answer" and shied away from any confrontation, yet they were heckling some of the kids sitting around them (according to the guys who went over there).