Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Editorial on Sebastain Telfair

Nice editorial from a guy representing the website "". A few grammatical issues, but the point is made.

The problem lies in the fact that this book and this one reference of money being offered has soiled a program that is doing everything right and in this writer’s opinion, which is just wrong.

How true is the story? Depends on whom you listen to. Would I believe Telfair? I don’t believe anything he says because he has been so inconsistent so far on this issue. Would I believe O’Conner? I seriously doubt that I would. However I will believe Coach Hewitt because I have some foundation in believing his words. I have a foundation of belief from him because of what I heard last March/April when his team made it to the Final Four last year that was held right in my backyard.

Hewitt’s denial on Sporting News Radio’s “Tim Brando Show” only solidifies my belief of what he said on this issue because Hewitt is very much about education. Let me give you a taste of what Coach Hewitt was about last April after his team lost to eventual champion Connecticut when it came to what was next for his team.

“Right now I’m more concerned about my group of freshmen, sophomore and juniors who have missed several days of class. My main focus is to make sure that they are back in class and back on track.”

The punchline:

Do I think O’Conner is another Jayson Blair? Of course not. I think he is probably outstanding writer. Will I read the book? Probably will. But for this writer to allow Telfair to prance around and bash a good program when Telfair isn’t even worth the draft position that he was chosen. And that is the total injustice of the whole deal because here is a book written on a kid who I will guarantee will not be in the league in five to ten years.