Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ken Pomeroy Talks GT Hoops

This is the guy who has the "Pomeroy Rankings" and was interviewed on

Ken Pomeroy: Georgia Tech is a real puzzler. I'm starting to think they're just not that good. They really need three more wins. Great bubble game between GT and Miami on Saturday.

Also, Gregg Doyel talks GT / Miami:

Georgia Tech at Miami: Both are widely projected as NCAA Tournament teams, but if so, they're hanging on by their fingernails. For one team, losing this game will pry several of those fingers, maybe even an entire hand, off the ledge. The Jackets (15-9, 6-7) have lost seven of their past 11 games, and have beaten no one more impressive on the road than Clemson and Florida State -- the last-place teams in the ACC. Miami (16-9, 7-7) has lost six of 10 and also has made its living off ACC bottom-feeders. For both teams, winning this game won't be all that impressive. But losing will be pretty bad.