Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Written Bard at Ra'Sean Dickey

This story about the Capital Classic and Bradon Giles, mentions autograph seekers and Dickey's cold shoulder:

"Then there were the autographs. After the game, a handful of youngsters were hanging over the rail pleading to get Giles' autograph, and he happily obliged them. Not all of his peers were so kind. National game all-star and Georgia Tech recruit Ra'Sean Dickey brushed off a teenage autograph seeker with cold denial."

Let me say this - I saw Dickey play in Greenville SC last December. He stopped and talked to just about everyone in attendence prior to his game. He made the rounds around the arena, went into the stands, shook hands, signed autographs, etc. In fact, I even got Dickey's autograph. I asked him if he had been watching the Jackets and he smiled and said "yeah". The impression I got was a nice kid, nice smile, laid back.

I guess all it takes is one writer seeing something and putting it in print.