Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Lunch Bunch Report - Chan Gailey

Coach Gailey was the guest at Monday's lunch bunch. I was not there, but will pass along some comments from our Coach as told from people who were there:

1. Reggie Ball will absolutely BE the starting QB this season. There is no QB controversy with Patrick Carter. In fact, Carter's success has only assured him of one thing - that he will likely be put on the field at another position. Coach Gailey has said that he is too talented to have him sitting on the sideline.

2. Salih Beseravic has stepped up bigtime in the spring. He has gone from back-up to starting O-Line right tackle

3. Lavon Thomas will handle kick-off returns, but the punt-return duties are still open. Incoming frosh Patrick Clark is a possibility

4. Up to 10 of the incoming freshman could see PT on the field

5. Linebackers are KaMichael Hall, Gerris Wilkinson and Chris Reis - the incoming frosh could play as well.

6. Coach Gailey said that PJ Daniels is THE best pass-blocking running backs in the country. This is where PJ's back-ups need work.