Thursday, April 22, 2004

Hewitt hitting the Recruiting Trail

The job never ends. Coach Hewitt just went out to Chi-town (Chicago) to visit talented PG Bobby Frasor. Coach Reese was in Las Vegas to visit with Jamal Boykin. Meanwhile one of the assistants was in Miami visiting David Heurtas.......... Not only that, Coach Hewitt will be at the Houston Kingwood Classic this weekend (story here). Hewitt will be one of the featured lecturers for a clinic for coaches.

Meanwhile on the R.Morris front, recruiting analysis Greg Swain evidently wrote in an article his "information" leads him to believe Morris will end up at GT. Also mentioned that A.Pettway was getting impatient with GT and would likely end up at Ok.St. Over at the Hive, someone reported that Dave Telep reported the same thing last week, although I never saw it myself.

In other news, CJ Giles, who has asked for his release from his LOI at Miami (after the coach firing) has yet to decide where he wants to go. GT has expressed interest, but of course we don't know if his release will be conditional.

Here's another look at UK, but some general comments on recruiting that are interesting........ Here's more on the 5/8 rule potentially being dumped.