Thursday, April 29, 2004

Utah signs 7-foot white guy from Australia named Luke

Story here. Not kidding - Luke Nevill - and Coach Hewitt had made inquires for the guy as well. So now two big men (Pettway the other) have passed up on GT as we wait for R.Morris's decision. While on the surface this can look frustrating, don't get too frustrated, because here is the situation.

1. We don't know if these guys would have actually chosen GT had we NOT been pursuing Morris
2. We will be fine next season in the middle with Luke, Tarver and incoming frosh Ra'Sean Dickey. We don't need to fill that 'ship
3. Evidently next year's high school seniors have a strong class of big men, so no doubt Coach Hewitt will look to grab one of those talented guys to build around.

Of course the most frustrating aspect of this is it appears our best opportunity to win it all really is next season. After next year we lose Isma'il, Luke, Elder, McHenry, Bynum and likely Jack as well. That's 6 major contributors. Of course with the 4 guys already coming in the program seems to be in good hands, but we will be back to the youth cycle. Add Morris next season would seem to really give us incredible strength down low AND at the guard spots. The weakest part of our game last year - the half court set - would be instantly strengthened. But in the end, we are still going to be VERY strong in the middle.

Oh, the possibilities.