Thursday, April 29, 2004

Football Recruiting

Check out Aaron Lewis, a talented defensive end recruit. (story here). Quote - "This is exciting and I hope things go well. Right now, I am open and I like Florida State, Michigan, Georgia Tech, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Notre Dame."........... Now, isn't it nice to be mentioned in the same breath as FSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc. If Coach Gailey can continue to improve his recruiting classes as he has 3 years in a row, we will be just fine. No doubt we are more and more being mentioned in many of the top players' top 3-5 schools. Oh we may not win them all, but win one this year, maybe 2 next year, maybe 3 the following year, and who knows.

Here's an article about the psychology of championship rings, with a quote from a kid who eventually plans to transfer to GT and the football program - Andrew Schmidt (story here).