Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Bob Gibbons - Exuding Modesty

Story here:

Gibbons also can take at least some credit for the trend of high school players forgoing college to play professionally. Gibbons was one of the early ones to discover Garnett, who became one of the first in a long line of players to go directly to the NBA. “Indirectly, I played a part in that,” Gibbons said. “I spotted Kevin when he was still a relatively unknown player in Mauldin and got him national exposure.”

I met this guy in Greenville SC last December. Had George Raveling sitting next to him - all the high school stars of the tourney made stops to his table courtside. Obviously modesty is not his strong suit. In this internet-driven, super-fanatical fan-following time in sports, he has found a niche and made a name for himself.

By the way - I shook his hand and asked him if the Jackets and Coach Hewitt had a chance at landing R.Morris. He answered - "A REAL good chance". Of course, we know that by now.