Sunday, April 25, 2004

The NFL Draft Marathon is Over

It ain't a sprint - it's a marathon. Could we please shorten the 1st round time between picks from 15 minutes to 10 at least? How about 6 picks per hour, not 4? Better yet, how about less?

Well, that aside, I sit here from Jacksonville FL (yes T) ona business trip reviewing the draft results. Overall the Jackets have five players drafted over the weekend (3 on day 1, 2 on day 2).

#39.....Daryl Smith.........Jaguars
#91.....Tony Hargrove....Rams
#93.....Keyaron Fox.......Chiefs
#115...Nat Dorsey.........Vikings
#214...Jonathan Smith...Bills

Also worth mentioning that former Jacket QB and transfer Andy Hall was drafted #185 by the Eagles (link here). All Jacket fans should wish him the best. Interesting - here is a QB that didn't get much PT at GT - transfers to Delaware and leads them to a National Championship - then gets drafted. Did we miss something here?

So let's look at stories on each of these guys:

Daryl Smith
Here is reaction from Smith on being selected. "The world lifts up off your shoulders," Smith said. "It's a great feeling."......... Same story but without the other crap - just Smith........... Smith is excited about being close to home in Jacksonville.................. Here is an interview.............. Here are HC Del Rio's comments on Smith.

Keyeron Fox
One comment on Fox's challenge on the Chiefs where his position is crowded - "The Chiefs' last pick of the day was their third-round choice, linebacker Keyaron Fox of Georgia Tech. Fox joins a crowded field of candidates for backup spots at outside linebacker. The field also includes Monty Beisel and Quinton Caver."............... This article shows that Fox is willing to do what it takes to play at the next level.............. Read here is you want to know why Fox chose GT over UGAg out of high school............. Here's some Q&A with Fox. On being asked about the Chief defense here was his quote - "Defense, from what I’ve been told, they need a little help.”

Tony Hargrove
Some great comments from Rams HC Martz -
“We are excited about Tony. Bill (Kollar) just went down and worked him out, again. The measurables were off the charts for a man his size. He had a terrific year, obviously he had academic issues last year and sat out, but the year before that, he’s what we look for in a defensive lineman. He has a terrific motor, I think he had a 39-inch vertical jump, 31 reps on the bench, he’s a big guy with speed that plays with a great deal of passion. He’s very athletic, he came to Georgia Tech as a quarterback.............. Interestingly, it appears that the Rams were poised to take QB Matt Schaub with the #91 pick, but when the Falcons took Schaub with #90, the Rams went for Hargrove instead.

We became intrigued with him in the last few weeks, and this is a guy that we spent a lot of time and did our homework on. We really felt like we’d like to have him in this draft and we felt like this was a guy that will ascend quickly, somebody that Bill can develop. All the tools are there. He’s a high-motor guy. He’s got a terrific test score. He’s got a 27 (wunderlic) test score. The athleticism, the speed, the strength, all those things that you’re looking for in a pass-rusher and defensive end are there, and I think this is a guy that will develop pretty quickly for us.”

On trying to keep Hargrove a secret: “We did. He made 11 trips. It wasn’t much of a secret. I think when you sit out a year like that, when that happens, people are always a little bit leary, but there’s a lot of character with this young man. And again, I can’t say this enough, we did our homework on him. We know a great deal about him. And passing the Kollar test, as far as the intensity and the willingness to play at that level, he has that, that high motor, along with his athleticism. The thing he just doesn’t have is experience. He just hasn’t been there very long. I think those things that we’re all excited about are the willingness, and obviously he’s smart enough to learn all those things.”

Here's another story on Hargrove with similar quotes.

Nat Dorsey
From the AP, here is a story on Dorsey. Dorsey also joins former Jackets Kelly Campbell and Nick Rogers on the Vikings........... Here's mention of Dorsey on insiders - "The Vikings added depth Sunday on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Offensive tackle Nat Dorsey of Georgia Tech needs to physically mature as he’s played only three seasons of college football but the fourth round pick has the skills to develop into a starter in the NFL"............... Of course we also have to remember that Dorsey was recruited to GT by none-other than George O'Leary, who just left the Vikings to take over the hc job at UCF................... For an interview with Dorsey click here............ Here's a full rundown on Dorsey's career.

Jonathan Smith
Smith will join former Jacket Joe Burns on the Bills. Here are Tom Donahue's comments on Smith being a "slash" type player - "I'll be honest, it intrigued me. Yes. I looked at all the returners, I looked at all the receivers, when you see in evaluations from scouts and you talk to head coaches - Chan Gaily down there at Georgia Tech - he's used him as a quarterback. They try to get the ball in his hands, whatever fashion it was - he's that type of guy. It does intrigue me. Whether he can do it at this level or not, I don't know, but I know he's at least experienced at a high level of competition, and that part can be used for us."................... Here's a full rundown on Smith's career.