Saturday, December 20, 2003

More on Jarvis and St.John's...

...from the NY tabloids, mainly The New York Post. This article mentions Paul Hewitt. I think the "unnamed prominent" Big East HC quoted in the article that says only Mike Kryschsksdisdksidki wouldn't want this job has to be smoking something. There are many more higher profile programs than St.John's and they are still living off the legacy of Lou Carnasecca and Chris Mullin. They may have NY City and Madison Square Garden going for them, but it hasn't helped them in years and that AD up there has fired at least 3 HC's already. They have players who have been in trouble smoking the whacky weed, had players accused of beating up women. Does someone really think this is a great opportunity?

From article:
"St. John's soon will begin the process of searching for a new coach. Sources said Wegrzyn has a strong preference for candidates with prior head-coaching experience, such as Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt, who was considered when St. John's hired Jarvis, and Providence's Tim Welsh. "

Here is another article talking about Hewitt....... from article - "As for who might replace Jarvis, Paul Hewitt of Georgia Tech - whose team plays host to St. John's in Atlanta tomorrow - was a finalist for the job the last time and would be a natural candidate. He has transformed the Yellow Jackets into a top-10 team this season, but he signed a seven-year deal last spring that includes a huge buyout."

CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE, also from the NY Post. They even put Hewitt's picture in it:

From article:
"Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt is the symbol of so much of the way St. John's must view itself. Why would a coach leave the ACC for St. John's? The question from now on should be: Why wouldn't he? St. John's is all-in now; they declared as much today. Hewitt, out of Westbury, who apprenticed at C.W. Post and Fordham and now has Tech in the Top 5, is on a career rocketship. If St. John's wants to be a player, they need to act like a player."

Here is Hewitt's reaction to the firing of Jarvis.

From article......... Hewitt signed a five-year contract extension this summer through the 2007-08 season that includes a $225,000 base salary. " I have a very good job and I enjoy where I am,” Hewitt said after practice.

He is also quoted as saying "I'm not going to get into any speculation. We have a game to prepare for.".......... That worries me because he just didn't come out and say - I am staying put. His comments do not rule out the possibility of leaving. Let's pray he sees the right light here.

Personally, I say give the job to John Calipari. St.John's needs a bigname coach to get the fans excited again. Calipari is stuck in Memphis, while big-names Pittino and Huggins move over to the Big East. That would let Calipari get back in the "big time" in the Big East.