Friday, December 19, 2003

It's official..St.John's fires Mike Jarvis

I don't like this at all, with our teams going head-to-head Sat. One site tried to spread a rumor that Hewitt might be interested in the St.John's job, so the last thing we need to play them without a HC.

Although this Sportsline article insinuates that he may actually show up to the GT game.

Lastly, check out this story at Jarvis. Notice there is a poll on who should replace Mike Jarvis. One of the choices - Paul Hewitt, who currently has 8.5% of the vote (5th behind Pittino, Matt Doherty, Bobby Gonzales, John Calipari), with 700+ voting so far.

Here is an article from that mentions Paul Hewitt as a candidate and confirms my worst fear....playing them right after their coach is fired.
From article:
"It is ironic that the Red Storm are playing at Georgia Tech on Sunday, because St. John's would love to replace Jarvis with Yellow Jackets coach Paul Hewitt, who grew up on Long Island. The reality is, Hewitt would be crazy to leave Atlanta for Queens."

Here is an ESPN article from Dickey V. saying "Shame on you St.John's". Who does Dickey mention as a possible replacement? How about our old friend Bobby Cremins.