Thursday, December 18, 2003

A Daily Dose

..... fomer GT coach, GT alumni Glenn Spencer, on why he left GT to work with Ted Roof. Best of luck Mr.Spencer, except of course against GT...................... How is Chan Gailey preparing the team for Boise? Click here to find out........... The extra time will allow injured Tulsa QB James Kilian to play again. He did have a broken collarbone.

....Well, Greg Doyel is trying to stir things up over, predicting that Bynum's addition to the lineup will ultimately hurt our chemisty, even though he does admit "so far so good". I am not so much concerned with chemistry as I am J.Jack's play the last two games. Not up to the level in the previous 7 games, but they were blowouts and he did what needed to get done. Stay tuned.................... How's this for a stat - GT opponents now have 176 made baskets and 179 turnovers (per RamblinRed). That is fantastic!!!...................... Is Jim Nystrom bucking for more PT? So far this year, he is shooting 9-of-10 (90%) and 5-of-6 from 3pt range. So is this a fluke? Jim, just keep hitting those shots and of course playing huge D and myabe you can fight for more minutes. Keep it up....................... Meanwhile, our friend Chris Bosh has decided to continue his education, only he has changed his major from engineering to business management. I don't blame him. If he keeps progressing, he could become his own business. Hoopsworld thinks Bosh may be hitting the "rookie wall". See these comments "Chris Bosh has been a stellar rookie center/forward but he has already played more games than he did in his one year of college at Georgia Tech. Against the Spurs he looked fatigued, though visiting his hometown of Dallas two nights earlier and the whirlwind that has been his first NBA season plays a part. It̢۪s called the rookie wall and Bosh may be getting a taste of it."........................ By the way, Bosh had a rough outing against the Spus as the Raptors lost 73-70. Bosh ended with 6 points (3-12), 0-2 from the line, 12 boards(5 offensive), 2 to's. Still cleaned up on the glass well, but some of the comments I saw were that he missed a handful of close layup type shots. Trying too much to finese them in instead of slamming it home. Keep working Chris. There will always be nights like this.