Thursday, December 18, 2003

Kudos for Paul Hewitt... this Ga sportwriter

From the article (what he wants for X-Mas):
A long-term contract for Paul Hewitt. Something very unusual is starting to happen in Atlanta. Local sports fans are starting to hop back on the Georgia Tech basketball bandwagon for the first time in years, and credit has to go to the team's young coach Paul Hewitt. Tech might just be the best basketball team in the country. With its undefeated season, Tech belongs in the Top-5. The Jackets have already knocked off No. 1-ranked Connecticut. That could be a sign of things to come. Although Tech has yet to play an ACC game, my guess is the squad is going to make a run at the conference title. I can't wait to see this team come March Madness time. Hopefully, Tech will reward Mr. Hewitt for his hard work and assure that he's at Tech for a long time.