Friday, December 19, 2003

Check out this conversation with Matt Harpring...

....about our man Isma'il. Thanks to "reegsta" at the Hive for the tip.

From article (interviewer is Lang Whitaker):
"I ended up talking with Matt Harpring and Raja Bell about Harpring's alma mater, Georgia Tech, and the junior dunk master Isma'il Muhammad. "He's a good kid," Harpring said. "When I'm home in the summer I play pick-up ball with all those guys, and I always pick Ice to be on my teams. He's got a good head for the game and understands how to play."

"That kid is the only reason I watch SportsCenter," Bell added. "Well, him and that guy from Arizona, Agonduya...Igwondale...Agoyuday...whatever his name is." That would be Andre Iguodala, Raja. Thanks for playing.

I told Raja and Harpring about a new dunk Isma'il that my spies in Atlanta say Isma'il is currently trying to perfect. (I'm sworn to secrecy on it, though, so I can't tell you about it here. Let me just say that if Isma'il can manage this thing, he may become the greatest dunker in history.) As soon as I mentioned it to them, Harpring's jaw dropped and Raja didn't believe me. I explained how it would have to work, and they immediately jumped to their feet and started trying to block it out there in the locker room.

Harpring -- who had a copy of The DaVinci Code atop his locker -- asked me if I thought BJ Elder or Jarrett Jack had NBA potential. Before I could answer I got kicked out of the locker room because it was time for them to meet.