Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Article on GT climbing the rankings

....right here. I like Hewitt's comments about people's skepticism.

From the article.
Despite the high rankings, Coach Paul Hewitt said there is still some skepticism of the Yellow Jackets' hot start.

"I think we all realize that in the back of everyone's mind, they're thinking, 'OK, they're having a nice little run in the preseason, but what's going to happen once they get to the ACC season?'" Hewitt said. "Right now, we have to take whatever we get and appreciate the ranking, but we have to understand that we have to keep getting better with every game."

Tech opens its ACC season on Jan. 11 at North Carolina. The Yellow Jackets have five non-conference games - four at home - before that game.

On a side note, this is some nice coverage by the Macon Telegraph of the hoops team, with updates on Tarver and Bynum after his first game. Well done.