Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Best Start in History--Officially

No one wanted to talk about it...they swore before the game that it didn't mean anything, but now that Georgia Tech has handed VCU their lunch at AMC the same day they earned 21 first place votes in the AP poll to Dook's measly 5, let's take some time out to congratulate the Jackets on the most stunning 12 game opening streak in basketball history. This team might not end up doing well in the tournament...but no one suspected that this team was bubble-worthy, much less a top-5 competitor.

The game today was outstanding, with Senior Marvin Lewis going off for 19 points. After the game he said "[the win] puts me and this team in the record books, and they can't ever take that away from us." Nice going Marvin and it's good to hear the urgency to get it done this year...hopefully, that will continue to rub off.

We seesawed back and forth with VCU--at least by Tech blowout standards--but the end result was quite positive...former Dookie Jeff Capel, now head coach of VCU, squirming on the bench after realizing the game was out of hand. Get used to it, Jeff.

What could be better than winning twelve in a row? Winning number 13 against a reeling U(sic)GA club that should be no trouble for us if we're not playing below our capabilities.