Saturday, December 20, 2003

Even more on Jarvis / Hewitt

All I'm doing is reporting the news. Not trying to fan the flames, but it looks like Hewitt might be the "dream candidate" for the St.John's job, or at least that is what the media is portraying. Evidently St.John's has a lot of influential alumni and could throw some major bucks Hewitt's way. Let us hope he decides his future is in Atlanta. He sure is building something special and it would be so disappointing to start over.

For another quote from Hewitt, see this AJC article...... Hewitt quote: "Yellow Jackets coach Paul Hewitt, a New York native with connections in the New York area, has been mentioned as a possible successor. Hewitt said Friday night, however, that he is happy at Georgia Tech, where he is in his fourth season. "As long as Dave [Braine] is in place and Dr. [G. Wayne] Clough, and they're doing what they're doing for our program, I'm fine. I'm just concentrating on our team right now."
Tell you what, I hope this issue gets resolved soon, because we still have an uncommitted big man out trying to decide if GT and Paul Hewitt are in his future.