Thursday, April 07, 2005

Where are they now - Homer Rice

Our old friend Homer Rice has released his 7th book - "Leadership Fitness" - story here.

In 1980, Dr. Rice accepted the post of athletic director at Georgia Tech, where he restored the struggling program to its formerly accustomed place at the highest ranks of collegiate athletics.

Leadership Fitness is a course Rice teaches at Georgia Tech. He retired as director of athletics in 1997, was asked to consider teaching, and he accepted. The title of his course is Are you fit to be a positive leader?

By the way, if you want to attend a book-signing:

A book signing will be held on April 10 at both services at Wesley United Methodist Church on Barfield Avenue. The cost of the book is $20, and the monies will be donated to the church for their scholarship program.

Don't ask me where that is, but I'm sure the locals know...