Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hoops: UVA hires a coach...

... and Coach Hewitt has a lot to say about it. Why? Well, he's the first black coach in UVA history.

"I think it would be significant to have a guy like Dave in a position like the University of Virginia, a very significant step for the Black Coaches' Association," said Georgia Tech men's basketball coach Paul Hewitt, a member of the BCA board.

"With that said, I think everybody realizes that basketball has made some tremendous strides in terms of equity hiring. Football is the biggest thing now. Really, it's an embarrassing record with football out there."

As the Leitao's strength?

"He's a high-powered recruiter with a lot of contacts in the New York area."

Hey, forget skin color. We don't need another talented recruiter with ties to NY city in the ACC. Hewitt is just starting to get warmed up in that area.