Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hoops: Lazy Tobbaco Road Journalist

Well, David Scott of the Charlotte Observor might be considered lazy, if you read this article. It looks at the ACC in hoops next year and who's staying and going. On one hand he spends much text discussing the tobacco road teams, as expected. But we get relegated to "Gilligan's Island" status, as "the rest":

The rest of the league loses its share of seniors, including Georgia Tech's B.J. Elder and Luke Schenscher; Virginia's Elton Brown; Virginia Tech's Carlos Dixon; Miami's William Frisby; and Clemson's Sharrod Ford.

To top it off, he's too lazy to even mention that along with BJ and Luke, we also lose T-Mac AND Will Bynum AND Ish, not to mention the possibility of Jack. But just proof that the Charlotte demographic must not give a hoot about teams outside their little 4-team orgy, or he really is just lazy...... But then, should I actually be surprised?