Sunday, April 10, 2005

Golf: Duval Rubbing the Magic Belly

Hey, David Duval said it, not me:

Duval going home: David Duval, once considered the best bet to become Woods' chief rival, missed his third straight cut at the Masters, struggling home at 75-77 for an 8-over 152.

He finished second at Augusta in 1998, sixth in '99 and third in 2000, but has been a non-factor ever since.

Duval, whose career has spiraled downward over the past three seasons, took a break from golf for seven months in 2004.

So far this year, he has played in eight tournaments, counting the Masters, and has failed to finish a single one.

Speaking of his golf swing, the 33-year-old former four-time All-American at Georgia Tech said: "I have one little thing I'm trying to iron out. I feel great. I know nobody wants to hear that, but I'm doing what I want to do.''

For the time being, all he wants to do is go home to be with his wife, who is expecting the birth of their son.

"That's going home to real life, not this fantasy world we're all privileged to be in,'' Duval said. "I'm excited to go home and rub my wife's stomach.''