Sunday, April 03, 2005

Football Practice Report

Great practice reports from the Hive. Highlights:

1. Defense clearly dominating the offense right now. The young, inexperienced offensive line is getting an earful as they learn their assignments. Tenuta is not holding back either, sending his usual array of blitzes.

2. Reggie Ball got beat up a little and iced his knee. Here's more on that from the AJC...

3. The "hit of the day" was when Kenny Scott upended Calvin Johnson after he leaped up to catch a pass. That was mentioned in the AJC. What wasn't mentioned was that Eric Henderson was freaking out after the hit, dancing a bit in CJ's face. Evidently CJ didn't take too kindly to that gesture, shoved Henderson and sent him backwards to his rear-end. Some people think Kenny Scott is finally developing into a high caliber DB that we all thought he could become.

4. Evidently Elris Anyabi and Matt Rhodes got into a little "disagreement" as well. Honesly, I like to see this fire in the spring.

5. The QB's all struggle with their throws, partially due to the high winds. Sounded like all three of them were figuring out how to avoid sacks rather than read coverages.... Got to get that O-Line on track..... Also, the QB's were not wearing red jerseys. They were getting the full treatment.

6. Tashard Choice is really impressing some people. Has some nice open field speed and has bonded well with his teammates. Seems to have a fire as well, as he was overheard at one point yelling "Let's run it down their throats!!"......... R.Grant is also looking good at the RB position.