Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Football Practice Notes

Some good notes on gridiron practice:

1. There's a battle going on at the fullback position, primarily between Ace and Mike Cox, but Justin Guadagni is in the mix too. Interesting comment on the FB position by Coach Gailey:

"The fullback is a blocker first, a pass catcher second and a runner third in our offense," said Gailey.

2. Tashard Choice continues to impress at the RB position

"We'll give him more work now that it's a definite (playing in the fall)," said Gailey. "He's done a great job thus far. He's been one of the more impressive players in spring practice."

3. Andrew Gardner is making progress at left tackle and has gained 40 lbs since coming to campus. That shows the philosophy - don't go after the big tubs. Go after the big frames and beef them up the right way in college.

"He has made a great deal of improvement," said Gailey. "We looked at him in the fall and we thought he was going to help us. It just depended on how quickly he could put on the weight. He's been able to put on about 40 pounds since he's been, and it's been a good transition."