Saturday, April 09, 2005

Football: Johnson & Johnson Shine


I sense a major marketing tie-in with a certain consumer products company. We are talking Calvin and James, both who had standout performances in today's scrimmage. Also worth note is that George Cooper caught 3 passes for 46 yards. Significant in my mind, because that is the outlet that has been missing from our passing game. If we can develop a solid outlet game to the TE, that should really open things up for the offense. Hey, go back and watch the replay of the bowl game.

The bad? Two INT's from Reggie Ball and a completion percentage below 50% (13 of 27). He did toss to 2 TD's. Bennett goes 13-25 with 2 TD's and 1 INT. Kyle Manley saw limited action after getting a little banged up early.

More good: Avery Roberson grabbed 2 INT's on the 2nd team defense. Reis and Houston had picks on the 1st team. Philip Wheeler continues to progress nicely at the LB position.

Absolutely no comment at all on the running game or offensive line. I'll see what I can find out.

Over at the Hive, I found some further notes on the scrimmage today, some not so good:

1. Daryl Richard was injured with some type of right leg injury. He walked off the field slowly with some help, but was carted off once he got to the sideline.

2. Reggie seemed like the best QB today, re-affirming that there is probably not a major QB controversy - at least as far as who starts game 1. In my book, it's on after that.

3. Solid performance from the RB core. Daniels had the best day.

4. Tommy Tuberville commented at the Auburn spring game about Coach Gailey and the Jackets. Evidently they are good friends. Along with wishing him a speedy recovery, he said that Coach Gailey has told him that this is the team he has been waiting for since arriving in ATL, that Gailey is excited about the team. Of course, we all know that Coach will continue to keep things modest.

5. The offensive line could not contain the defense today. The D was just too fast, the the O was not. Ten of the first eleven running plays went for 2 yards or less. Look for LaShawn Newberry to challenge for a spot.

6. Now the AJC has provided some notes from practice.