Friday, November 16, 2007

What's Buzzin'

So today marks the "end" of the first probationary period in the history of Georgia Tech athletics. However, the impact will be felt for a few more years with the limited scholarships available for the football team. Yes, we can sign our full compliment from now on, but the team will be lacking key experience players in the soph / junior / senior classes that would otherwise be in the program now. It's going to take getting the upcoming signing class to their senior season before we are "whole" again.

There was a blurb in a Q&A interview that indicates that AD Dan Radakovich was contacted about the Pitt AD job, and turned it down. No word on the progress of finding a replacement for LSU's retiring AD and D-Rad's name still gets thrown around in the press.

So it seems that if we can win out, our best chance at east coast bowls include the Music City Bowl in Nashville and The Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte. Here are the tie-ins and the pecking order. Don't ask me to get into all that mess about who can pick a team with a worse record, etc. Just read it for yourself.

So the hoopsters play Charlotte today at 1:00pm. If they get the win, they most of you will have a chance to watch them on Sunday and possibly Monday on Fox Sports South. If they don't win today, the team will have plenty of beach time.

By the way, Mo Miller has a slight injury and won't start, but might play. Causey will start at PG. Zach Peacock did not make the trip.

Coach Hewitt signed one young man in the early period - Iman Shumpert, the big tall guard. He missed out on all his other high profile targets. There are rumors out there that high profile recruit Scotty Hopson, who was supposed to sign with MSU but didn't, is considering changing his allegiance to either Kentucky or GT. However, I wouldn't get my hopes up at this point. Just internet speculation.

The football team has a real chance to end this season on a great note. If they can take care of business and beat the Tarheels Saturday, then somehow upset Georgie, then actually win our bowl game, you would have to say that the season was pretty good. Considering the frustration of Tech fans during the season, we could all go into January feeling pretty good about things. After all, my true disappointment was not so much that we didn't win the ACC title, but that we were out of the race so early.

Did you know that UNC has lost 19 consecutive games outside of the state of North Carolina? It's true. Their last win outside their home state was October 5, 2002 against Arizona State. Let's make it a nice even 20. That's a nice round number.