Thursday, November 01, 2007

A few things to watch for tonight

Watch the match-up of VaTech's center against our DT's. Their starting center is out and a redshirt freshman takes his place. Vance, wipe the saliva from your chin.

Watch to see how Evans and Dwyer block. With our banged up O-Line, these guys MUST pick up rushers to give Bennett time to throw. Blocking is a key job of backs at Tech and the #1 reason most don't get to start right away - it's different blocking in a Chan Gailey offense. With the strong DB unit of VT, Bennett is going to need extra time to throw.

Watch Tenuta's strategy to fence off Tyrod Taylor if he is the starter or gets playing time. My guess is that Taylor is going to be the starter, so it should be interesting to see how we avoid letting this guy our-run our blitz and snap off large chunks of field.

Watch to see if we break out the sledgehammer. Is it going to be the sledgehammer or the lunch pail tonight?

Watch for the obligatory ATL skyline shot and a nice Tech Tower cameo. Hopefully it will be a clear night.

Watch to see who gets the most sacks. Both VT and GT lead the ACC in that category. However, GT has done better job avoiding sacks, and VT has not fared as well protecting their QB's.

Watch to see if Correy Earls gets a chance to return kicks. Remember he had a couple of flashy returns prior to getting hurt. With Dwyer and Evans sharing the RB duties, look for Coach Kelly to possibly change some things to keep those guys fresh and healthy.