Monday, November 26, 2007

Turning The Page

Well, it's official. Coach Gailey is out. Let the games continue as we now begin the process of finding a head coach to "excite the masses". Here is Dan Radakovich's statement on Chan Gailey:

I want to sincerely thank Chan for his six years of service to Georgia Tech,"
Radakovich said. "Chan is one of the most honorable men that I have worked with
in intercollegiate athletics. He and (wife) Laurie have given countless hours to
this program and have touched the lives of hundreds of student-athletes, fellow
coaches and colleagues in only the most positive way."

Here's what drove his decision:
"At the end of the day, my decision was based on whether the football program is
moving forward," Radakovich said, "and our fan base, as a whole, is sufficiently
excited and energized by its direction."

Lastly, D-Rad continues to say all the right things:
"This is a very proud institution with a deep and rich football tradition,"
Radakovich said. "Our alumni and fans are extremely supportive. We have asked,
and are asking more and more of them, as we reach for excellence as a top tier
football program. They expect no less from us."
I don't have any time to delve into this further as I'm on a business trip south of the border. However, when I have time, we will delve into the possibilities. Of course the list of possible suitors is starting to form already.

Who do you think should be the head man? Post your thoughts on this thread.