Friday, November 09, 2007

Hoops: Ohhhhh Boy!

Well, there I go doing a write-up about the team and how they should finish above .500 in the ACC and go to the dance again - and then they have to go lose our tune-up opener against UNC Greensboro. Ouch. If our days weren't murky enough with the controversy and frustration swirling around the football team, now we have to start tossing our hands up over the hoops team.

I listened to most of the first half and not much of the 2nd as I was putting my girls to bed. Instead of trying to piece together an analysis based on a box score and some snippets, I'll ask those who actually went to the game to share their insight and analysis. What I will do is post the best and most insightful comments on the next post. Now, that means "fire Coach Hewitt" isn't going to make the cut. I'd like some serious analysis here. Of course, I imagine that most of the internet ranters didn't go to the game so it won't matter. Again - I'm asking those who were AT the game to provide your feedback.