Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Even Worse Than I Expected"

My man Bryan dug up these stats after the abortion known as the VT game. I've blatantly plagiarized it for your use:

1. GT's completion percentage over the Chan Gailey era is 50.3%. 50.3%!! That's dead last in the ACC over this span. Our yards per attempt is 11th out of 12. Duke is last at 6.0 yards per attempt. Duke is throwing the ball well this year. We both expect to be dead last in this category as well by the end of the year.

2. Over the Chan Gailey era, we have thrown 84 interceptions. That's 11th out of 12 teams. Florida State is last at 89 interceptions. Over the Gailey era, 3.88% of our passes are picked off. That's dead last in the ACC over this span. One of the misnomers is that our completion percentage is so low is because we try to avoid interceptions. This is a canard.

3. Our best QB over the Chan Gailey era has been A.J. Suggs (wow!!). He had the highest completion percentage and highest NCAA ranking (61st).

4. The ACC has sucked at QB over the Chan Gailey era. The highest ranking passing offense was Phillip Rivers and the NC State offense in 2003, which was third. The average ranking of the NCAA ranking of the best ACC team was 15th. Last season, the best passing team in the ACC was BC, who was 25th nationally. The median ACC ranking was 80th. This would also explain why our defense has been considered so good over the Jon Tenuta era. The defense that was considered so great were feasting on some pretty awful passing offenses.

5. Virginia Tech's QB's were completing 57% of its passes with 6.65 yards per attempt. Last Thursday, VT completed 68% of their passes with 9 yds per attempt. What's concerning is that Duke and UNC throw the ball pretty well. Duke throws for 7.1 yds per attempt and UNC throws for 7.9 yards per attempt. We better keep the defense off the field.

6. We've had three different starters (Suggs, Ball & Bennett), with other guys getting snaps (Bilbo, Nesbitt) with four different play callers (O'Brien, Gailey, Nix, Bond), and we've been awful. We had the most talented player in a GT uniform at wide receiver for three years. Is it QB recruiting? QB development? Play Calling? All of the above?