Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Navy Stats - to make you feel good

This write-up from "the Quad" on Navy has some interesting mentions for Georgia Tech fans. How's this for an opener:

Contrary to common belief (pay attention, Georgia Tech fans), Navy’s triple-option offense was one of the most explosive in the nation in 2007: third in the nation with scoring drives of a minute or less (13), 10th in scoring drives of two minutes or less (25) and eighth in offensive plays of 25 yards or more (16). Over all, the offense was tremendous, scoring a team-record 511 points (39.3 per game, 10th in the nation) and 444.1 yards per game (22nd in the nation). These numbers contradict the perception of the option offense as a plodding, methodical, ball-control system; instead, Navy has shown over the last five seasons that its many looks give the option as much big-play potential as any philosophy in college football.

Here's another stat you might find interesting (and some wide receivers as well). Paul Johnson designed a run first, run second and run third offense at Navy out of necessity, right? It was pretty successful. They led the nation in rushing the last three seasons and threw sparingly. On the other hand, Chan Gailey ran a ball-control offense with a stronger passing attack..... right?

Here's the stat.......... Georgia Tech's "pro style" offense threw a grand total of 10 TD passes last season........ Navy's run, run, run offense last season threw 9 TD's. We sure know that GT will throw more than Navy did, right? So it stands to reason that we will probably see more TD passes under PJ than CG. Hmmmmmmmm