Tuesday, July 01, 2008

GT Fight Song - where does it rank?

Fox Sports writer (and Bleacherreport writer) Justin Goar says that the Georgia Tech fight song is the 3rd best in the nation. Can't argue with that.

No. 3 Georgia Tech
If this were a list of most-fun-fight-songs, "Ramblin Wreck" would be at the top. It's truly a song that should always be associated with Saturdays in the fall. I do wonder when this song was written, how many choices of words they tried that rhymed with "Tech" before they settled on "wreck"? I think after countless hours of debate and coffee and cigarette chasers they went "Ok, 'wreck' is a term that's usually bad, but we're gonna make it good."

Everyone agreed and called it a night. I think it worked. (Actual history may vary).
Link to mp3