Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daryl Richard Anointed

It's one thing to tout the "superiority" of Georgia Tech athletes from an intellectual perspective to our sisters in Athens. Mostly it helps the medicine go down when we lose to them. However, it's another thing when one of your football players is selected to help chose the next President of your University. I mean, are you serious?

Here's the committee:

Members of the Presidential Search Committee are as follows:

Regent Willis Potts, committee chair
Regent Hugh Carter
Regent Mansfield Jennings
Regent Jim Jolly
Regent Don Leebern
Regent Elridge McMillan
Regent Ben Tarbutton
Regent Richard Tucker
Dr. Gisele Bennett, professor, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Dr. Thomas Boston, professor, School of Economics
Dr. Steven French, professor, College of Architecture
Dr. Don Giddens, Dean, College of Engineering
Dr. Gary May, professor, College of Engineering
Dr. Sandra Slaughter, professor, College of Management
Dr. Jeffrey Wu, professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Mr. Herky Harris, Georgia Tech Foundation chair
Mr. Darryl Richard, MBA Student, Athlete, and Member of the Georgia Tech All-Academic Team
Mr. Joe Rogers, Waffle House
Mr. Bill Todd, Georgia Tech Alumni Association president
Mr. Chris Young, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Help me out here, but not only is Daryl Richard, standout Defensive Tackle, on the committee, he's the ONLY student on it. Here's a guy who graduated in 3 years, is now in the MBA program, and has an NFL Future ahead of him, even though one of his goals is to be an Athletic Director. Heck, sign up the guy now if you ask me. That's just insane if you ask me.

On a side note, I "know" the guy heading the committee, Willis Potts. He won't remember me, but I met him a few times during my 14 years in the paper industry. Potts retired from Temple-Inland Corp, and worked for the now "absorbed" Union Camp Corp (now International Paper) for a long time. Potts is a great guy and a GT alumni. I was involved with the Georgia Tech Pulp & Paper Foundation and he spoke once and was very engaging. Super guy.