Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hoops - The Strange Life of Ra'Sean Dickey

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It is being reported by Jeff Goodman over at that Ra'Sean Dickey's career at Georgia Tech is over. He will be taking his mysteriously frustrating game overseas to play professionally.

- Speaking of Georgia Tech, Hewitt confirmed to that senior big man Ra’Sean Dickey will not be returning to school and instead has signed a pro contract to play in the Ukraine. ``It was a mutual decision and was best for Ra’Sean and his family,” Hewitt said.

There are rumors of grade issues, so it will be interesting to hear if he actually leaves in good academic standing and how it impacts the APR (Academic Progress Rate). Ra'Sean's been in school for 4 years, but most Georgia Tech students don't graduate in 4 years, so I wonder how close he is to getting his degree.

For me personally, this is frustrating. I saw Dickey play in high school, and always felt that he had more potential than anyone on the team from the day he arrived. Dickey was a big man with excellent footwork in the post, a very good rebounder, and a very nice jump shot out to 15-18 feet. I was really pumped to see him running the floor again, but it's not going to happen.

The big knock on Dickey in high school was his focus, drive and energy level. From the outside looking in, it sure seems like those questions turned out to be. His had short bursts of exciting play, but was mostly quiet both on and off the court. I still feel that his potential is sky high, but until he gets his mind wrapped around it, it will just stay potential. Nobody really knows the "real" story and it would be presumptuous to think we do, but regardless, we see what we see.

For the Jackets, this is NOT addition by subtraction. We will miss him. We went from a good rebounding team with him 2 years ago to a horrible rebounding team without him - even after adding Gani Lawal. The only guy we add is Guard Iman Shumpert, and with the loss of Jeremis Smith, our muscle down low just took a hit. Make no mistake - Zach Peacock and Gani Lawal have every opportunity to step up. Truthfully, I could see Zach having a breakout season and could end up as the best player on the team. In addition, there's an opportunity for Brad Sheehan to step up and start making a contribution. So far he hasn't looked ready for much more than clean-up duty.

So the strange life of Ra'Sean Dickey continues. Potential unfulfilled. Frustration (his and ours I'm sure). Now Dickey will forever become a member of the "Where are they now" club.

At least Coach Hewitt keeps his streak alive - sending almost every guy from his program to the "pro's" somewhere (NBA or Euro-leagues).