Sunday, July 06, 2008

HD Scoreboard - $6.1 million ?

Dan Radakovich indicated we were getting a modern new video scoreboard as part of BDS renovations after this upcoming season. So how big will it be? Turns out Mississippi State just approved a "true HD board", which will measure 152' wide by 135'6" tall. The main HD screen will be 111' wide by 47' tall. It will be the largest true high-def board in the SEC, and will be able to be used as one big board, or broken into many smaller displays using state-of-the-art LED's.......... all for the reasonable price tag of $6.1 million.

Of course that doesn't quite rival "Godzillatron" out in Texas, which is 134' x 55', and requires 40 5-ton A/C units to keep it cool.

Do you have HD-envy yet? With our financial picture, what type scoreboard do you see us hooking up with?