Wednesday, July 30, 2008


There are times when you have to ask yourself if the feelings you have are "normal". It's bad enough to wrestle with excitement over the decisions of 17 year old kids while following the recruiting process. Then the Atlanta Journal Constitution publishes the following picture:

Here's the full gallery.

The guy in the picture is Michael Johnson. While fan attitude towards Johnson's leadership, playmaking ability and attitude already bordered on unhealthy, this has kicked it over the top. I know understand why Georgia Tech needed a new deal with Russell Athletic, since Johnson can be seen here literally exploding the right sleeve of his shirt into anti-matter.

That picture pushes me over the very fine line of man-crush. In order to know if my feelings were "ok", I found the wisdom of "Dr.Awesome", who indicates that this particular situation is perfectly legit when it comes to a man-crush.

Say what you want about Chan Gailey. Coach Gailey recruited this guy, who was slated as a tight end, then let Jon Tenuta have him on the D-Line. What a great choice.

So as you go about your day, know that the feelings you have are ok. They're normal. They cannot be helped. Even Johnson's own teammates in the new media guide voted him "Strongest guy on the team", 2nd toughest (behind Bryce Dykes), 3rd best "Leader" (behind Daryl Richard / Andrew Gardner) and 2nd "Most athletic" (behind Morgan Burnett). His own teammates have a man-crush. It's ok.