Monday, March 10, 2008

Voice Mail: Your Most Memorable Game

Last week I asked you to leave me a voice mail recounting the most memorable Georgia Tech football game you ever attended. I got some good responses, so let's share.

First up, Todd (aka "T Bone"), tells us that the 1989 whooping of South Carolina 38-0 was his most memorable.

I have to admit, that was a memorable game for me as well. I was friends with one of the USC flag waiving girls and I remember going over there to visit her at halftime trying VERY hard not to gloat.

Next up, my bud Bryan, who was at Tech same time as me, remembers October 17, 1992, for all the WRONG reasons........ yeah, I was at that one too....... very hard to forget.

Next up, "Blue Pants" tells us that the 1988 season opener was his most memorable game. Interesting choice for sure, but for Blue Pants, evidently it was the beginning and end of a potential career in law enforcement

Next we have Lee Smith, who tells us that the famous "coming out" party for Calvin Johnson at Clemson was his most memorable game. Reggie Ball, where are you?

For those of you who have followed the 'Blog for years, you may or may not remember that I didn't attend that game (even though I was offered box seats), for fear that my 8.5 month pregnant wife would deliver the baby stuck on the side of the highway in bad traffic (in other words - she wouldn't let me go). So I watched on the tube............. then a week later delivered my own baby on the side of the road anyway when we could not get to the hospital in time....... memories. I guess you could say that was the most memorable game I did NOT attend.

Lastly, once again - here was my most memorable game:

One last note - I've gotten a few other voice mails with some interesting topics / questions / comments. I plan on sharing those as well.