Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hoops - Senior Night A Special One

It turns out there is some justice in the world. I was beginning to worry the season was going to end and there just wasn't going to be a signature moment to hang our hats on. Well, there is. Tonight the Jackets held on and took down #21 Clemson 80-75.

What made it special was the fact that it was senior night. Tonight the home fans got their last chance to say good-bye in person at the Thrillerdome. So instead of talking about the great win, let's toast these guys.

Matt, we barely knew you, and nothing could be more disappointing. What we got in your brief stay was energy, excitement, toughness, grit, swagger and a mean streak. You became that guy opposing fans loved to heckle, and it was great to have one of those guys again. You were here two years after sitting out with the transfer, but I have to say that your "one-and-done" was every bit as valuable and impressive as the more highly touted guys to make their pit-stops. If only you had been able to grace us with you high energy game from day one........ but life takes many twists and turns, and things happen for a reason. Bottom-line is that we appreciate your game.

A-Mo. What can I say? The prettiest jump shot AMC has seen since 3D, and there have been some good ones. I love the quick release, the perfect form. I love the attitude. You have been the quintessential team player. You rooted for guys and cheered them on when you were on the bench. You also embraced Georgia Tech. It was clear over the years that you were enjoying your experience here. From winning state titles at Charlotte Latin high school to dropping bombs in the ATL. You seem to enjoy being a true Tech-man, and Tech has been better off having here. From Marvin Lewis to Anthony Morrow to ????..... maybe Lance Storrs is your heir apparent. You have held up your end of the bargain both on and off the court.

Before the game, on the Clemson radio show, one of the Clemson assistant coaches said that you were the biggest bully in the ACC..... in a good way. He talked of toughness and physical play. Jeremis, you always played bigger than your size. You brought a level of toughness and "don't screw with us" attitude that the team needed. However, it wasn't reckless and it wasn't out-of-control. It was focused and unrelenting. You consistently played guys bigger than you and put up the most consistent numbers of anyone the past 4 years. You could always count on JS for 12/7. Let me check tonight's box score.......... yeah... 13/7, 4-5 from the floor, 2 assists, 5-8 from the line....... yeah..... it was a typical blue-collar night for the man from Texas.

You recently said that you wouldn't trade in your time at Georgia Tech for a chance to play on Florida's two National Championship teams. I absolutely believe you. I also believe you're crazy nuts, but that's part of your charm. You brought your lunchpail every game and we're thankful for it. You've been punched, tossed, beaten and had your kneecap twisted 180 degrees. Through it all, you always came back for more. You always put team over self. You always accepted a role that best helped your team win. You always took on those bigger guys.

So on senior night we say "thanks". Your time is winding down to wear the colors on the court, but we sure hope the colors run deep and that we'll see you often. No matter how many wins and losses grace your report cards, you clearly represented the Institute with class. You played hard and you had a great time. Jeremis and A-Mo left everything on the floor for 4 years. Your sweat, blood and tears are forever etched in the hardwood. Matt's time was brief, but worth it.

We wish all three guys a great future, wherever life takes you....................

One last thing....................... you know, the season isn't over. You know, there's a still a chance to give everyone yet another thrill. What do you say?....................