Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Paul Johnson - 790thePWN

Wow, what a contrast. Chan Gailey was just a super nice guy. He never wanted to say a cross word about one of his players. He never wanted to get into arguments with the media, but he also didn't want to really give the media any insight into the program. He gave a lot of coach-speak. Now the media is often guilty of on one hand using baiting tactics to try and create a "moment" and on the other hand being lazy and not doing their homework. They did it with Coach Gailey last year with some Reggie Ball baiting, but he fell into their trap.

Now, are you interested in hearing a contrast? Are you ready for a guy that is going to force the media to do their homework or look like the boneheads that we all like to say they are? Take a listen to Paul Johnson's interview with 790thezone and decide who is going to be the aggressor when it comes to interviews. He comes across as pretty easy-going, very real, confident, and pretty darn open about things. When asked the inevitable question about the Triple-Option and running a scheme that people question, after basically saying he is confident it will work, he threw this out.

PJ: "What offense does Georgia run? What do they run? Does anybody know?

Nick Cellini: "Uhh... I guess they would call it a pro-style offense, for a lack of a better term."

PJ: "Well, it's certainly not a pro-style offense. It's not what the NFL runs. "

It went on, and PJ let up on them. The message - don't mess around too much with PJ. Show some respect. He'll do the unthinkable - ask the questioner a question. uhhh........dddduuuhhh....

To me, the key question was what he wants to see out of his team as the top priority:

PJ: "I'd like to see us get a little tougher, mentally. I want to see guys compete. I've been pleased with our guys so far with morning conditioning - at least some aspects of that. I think when I watch the tape and when I assess the program, that's the one area I really think we need to improve in.......................... I think we need to understand what it takes to get to that next level, and it's not always physical toughness. I think our guys are physically tough. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about being able to mentally fight through when things go bad and those kind of things".

Lastly, every coach has to have some coachspeak, and this was his classic:

PJ: "Football is a pretty simple game. The team that blocks and tackles the best usually wins".

Oh yeah, one more key comment................... spring practice starts Monday!!!!