Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

Time for my once every two year post about how you can support this site. I can't even remember the last time I reminded readers that you can show your support without it even hitting your wallets (or you can do it that way too). Obviously there is a financial commitment to maintain this site, although admittedly most of my committment is time, which of course = money too.

So do nothing with what's below, or do something with it. Your choice. I'll continue to bring you the wonderful world of GT Sports either way.

Now, here's something amazing - this site has been active since September 2003. That means we'll hit the 5-year mark this year. The world has changed a lot in that time, and we've seen many GT sites come and go, yet I'm the only one who is apparently a glutton for punishment.

So here's how you can show your support:

On either column you'll find links to stuff at Amazon.com. If you buy stuff at Amazon, you can show your support by getting to the Amazon website through the links on this page. You don't have to buy the stuff shown. Doesn't matter what you end up buying, as long as you got to the site from here, and don't close your browser. Magically, Amazon charges you the same amount for the stuff you buy, but gives me a cut of the profits. So if you buy that $50,000 stereo system you've always been wanting, and get to amazon.com through this site, I suppose I get a nice little payday. Books, videos, whatever. Not much for me, but it's enough to buy my wife dinner every once in awhile when she gets ticked at me because I've been spending too much time here......... you get my drift......... Just know that when you buy from Amazon.com this way, you are chosing to take some profits directly from Amazon and share them with your favorite GT Blogger. :-)

Don't, and I repeat don't, click on the google ad links in the left column unless you are genuinely interested in what they might offer. Google employs literally millions of kids in China who have fancy adding machines that can tell if I'm creating "click fraud". And let me tell you, with the time zone thing, they're up all night while I'm sleeping. Add to that the millions of kids fired from the lead paint factories, and the employment pool is bigger than ever. I don't need that kind of stress. So, check the ads out, and if there's something you're interested in - click on it. If not, keep walking. Heck, even writing this paragraph treads on Google's policies, which basically call for no undue attention to their ad boxes.

If you're just interested in showing support through a good old fashioned donation, you can do that too. There's a "TIP JAR" link and a "Donate" button halfway down the right column. Feel free to toss a small bit of your hard-earned cash to support this site.

Again, it's weird even putting up a post like this. Don't feel obligated. I built this site out of my passion for Georgia Tech sports and that hasn't changed. It will always be a hobby and not about the money............... but a little extra to keep things going never hurts.

In the immortal words of Stephen Wright - "Why is it that it's only a 'penny for your thoughts', but you have to 'put your two cents in'? Somebody's making a penny"............

Some of you may remember my "bare my soul" post last fall about the fact that I hadn't ever bought football season tickets or given to the school financially. While I certainly plead a certain level of financial conversatism with three girls under 5 (I see future weddings, college, etc, etc, etc in triplicate), and my jobs have kept me on the road a lot, I finally turned a corner. I sprung for 4 tickets in the "Jackets Nest", which is basically the west end zone. I ended up with section 218, which is the "overhang" (see my view below). So I bought some cheapies - but that's what the GTAA was after in offering those $150 seats - new blood. They got some of mine for the 2008 season. I hope to see you there. I'll be the big guy with the beard.
(my view for the 2008 football season)