Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let's Revisit the Voicemail Experiment

Ok, so I put a new feature on the site allowing you to leave a voice message which might have a chance to get posted for everyone to listen to. The result.............. not one person leaves a message. The thing is actually "free" (it calls you), so I'm scratching my head as to why there are no takers. Here are some thoughts

  • The psychology of transitioning from an "anonymous" person typing un-traceable rants on a keyboard is acceptably detached. Leaving a voicemail completely changes the psychology. Maybe it's too personal. Maybe you don't want that level of commitment. The spoken word is just there to judged and maybe you're feeling too vulnerable.

  • The psychology of the internet (and more specifically a blog) as an audio medium. The radio is the radio........ a blog is a blog ........ and never the 'twain shall meet. What I'm attempting is not podcasting either.

  • You need to be alone when you do it and it's just too inconvenient. Get the kids to bed and go hide in a room where your wife or girlfriend can't hear you so you won't get embarrassed.

  • You can't really call from your car because you need to click through the link on the website. A lot of radio show callers call from their cars. Not so practical here.

  • I need to better define the parameters and topics of a message. Just saying "leave you take" is too vague and not worth the brain-power to figure out what to say.

So with that, let's try again. I am going to give you a topic. Think about it, then click the "call me" link. That button will flip over - enter your phone number - and hit call. Your phone will ring....... you will hear a short message.......... then leave yours..................

By the way, I think you get 3:00 minutes - so don't get long-winded or you'll get cut-off.

As usual, no profanity please


What is the most memorable football game you have ever attended?

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