Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hoops - Tech Sweeps Wake Forest

Well, there's nothing in terms of a post-season to play for, but it's clear that the team is still putting up a fight. The Jackets get the overtime victory over Wake Forest today. They led most of the game although they lost focus in the 2nd half and gave up the lead.

The guys are clearly playing hard and good things happened today........ Mo Miller continues to develop as a Point Guard. You can see a real future with him................. A-Mo was hitting shots, which is always fun to see..................... Jeremis was Jeremis. Banging... double/double... getting beat up and knocked on the floor multiple times...... Gani continues to have flashes of impressive play.

As far as Wake Forest, they have some nice players and should be formidable next season with the amazing recruiting class they have coming in. That one dude they have though (McFarland?) - I did not like his game. That guy has some nice potential, but the guy just flat out plays dirty. He pushes. He shoves, He pulls jerseys. He goes over the back. He undercuts people. He's the first guy I've seen in the ACC this season where I just thought a guy was a truly dirty player. It's sad because he's got some skills. But evidently he's fouled out of at least 5 games this year, so he's used to hacking.

Anyhow, we move on to UVA on Monday. It would be nice to see a few W's prior to the ACC tourney, then actually make a little bit of noice. Not likely, but it would be nice.