Sunday, July 09, 2006

Where are they now - Tyler Greene

Tyler Greene hasn't been tearing it up......

Quad Cities and Palm Beach have traded first rounders: last year, the Cardinals expended their first two first round draft picks on Colby Rasmus, a power-hitting high school center fielder, and Tyler Greene, a college shortstop. One would be forgiven for assuming that Greene, a collegiate type who hit .350 for Georgia Tech, would be quicker to adjust to pro ball. But one would still be wrong. He held his own in 2005, skipping all the way to high-A Palm Beach, but starting the year there he’s done nothing but struggle, hitting .224/.308/.325 before finally being promoted until he was demoted on July 1. He’s shown a ridiculous ability to steal bases efficiently, 46 of 50 since going pro, but absolutely nothing else.

Get Up, Baby! � I swear, there are good things to take from this loss.