Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where are they now - Jarrett Jack

Cool stuff on Jarrett Jack from Mike Barrett:

As for Jarrett Jack, he is mixing workouts in with his class load at Georgia Tech. He made a promise to his mother, after he declared himself an early-entry candidate for last year's NBA Draft, that he'd continue with his studies and would earn a degree. He told me this evening he's about 7 classes shy of earning a degree in Business. He's got finals coming up next week.

Jarrett's workout tonight was on Cremins Court on the Georgia Tech campus, the home of the Ramblin Wreck. We were the only people in the arena, and I was even instructed earlier in the day by an official how to turn the lights out when we left. I talked with Jarrett about playing on the court where he starred for GT. He said that, yes, he does get a lot of attention on campus, and is truly the BMOC. He said it's not unusual for students to ask for autographs and pictures while he's walking to class. Jarrett lives in a condo on campus, one street away from the basketball arena. He's got a roommate, who's also a student.

In 2004, as a sophomore, Jack led Georgia Tech to the Final Four. His junior season ended on a sour note. In the 2005 ACC Tournament Jack injured his ankle, and then played his first NBA season basically on one leg. Earlier this summer he had surgery on that ankle. Doctors were amazed with what they found during the surgery. Medina told us that doctors said 85 percent of the tissue in Jarrett's ankle was "unhealthy tissue" and they wondered how he was able to play at all. The ankle isn't 100 percent yet, but Jack says it's getting there. Just this week he was cleared to play full-court hoops. He's been doing that in the mornings here in Atlanta with some other NBA and college players.

The one consistent theme we continue to hear, from all these players, is that they're coming to Portland earlier than usual to get ready for the NBA season. By the first of September just about every player will be in Portland, playing, and getting set for training camp. Jarrett said he'll be in Portland on September 3rd. He's got tickets to Georgia Tech's first football game, versus Notre Dame, on September 2nd here in Atlanta.