Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beesball Recruiting

Ok, I admit - I have a few tiny mixed emotions about this. The Jackets just got a verbal commit from a left-handed rising senior slugger from Buford named Chase Burnette. Here's the slight rub. He grew up a UGAg fan. His dad grew up a UGAg fan. They're both still UGAg fans. UGAg coaches and fans thought he was in the bag to be a future Bulldog. But he "got a better deal" to come to GT. He and his dad claim that they will only root for YellowJacket beesball, but for UGAg in everything else. Here's a quote from this story:

"I was talking to (Georgia), but I just got a better deal from Georgia Tech," Burnette said.

"My dad is a Georgia fanatic," Burnette said with a laugh, "and he'll be just like me. He'll just be a Georgia Tech baseball fan and nothing else."

I hate to say too much because if the kid can help the Jackets win, then so be it. But come on. Chase, you're ASKING to be constantly ribbed by your teammates. You do realize that heckling and hazing could take a new form with your teammates?

Guess we'll have to wait until signing day to see if this one really sticks, but this story is going to be ripe for plenty of articles in the years to come.