Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Notre Dame - hard to be humble

Someone at the Hive ran across this link on a Notre Dame discussion board. Wow. Doesn't their humbleness just overwhelm you. Just thought I would add a little juice for the opening game:

It's hard always to be the hot date, the wet dreams of all and the subject of vicious hate by those unpicked.

No other school is capable of shouldering the burden of having the preeminent football program. The burden is left for us. Fortunately, Notre Dame and righteousness are synonymous. We needn't accept the burden reluctantly because our humility is already etched in history. We alone have the historical accomplishments, the spirit of fair play, the sportsmanship, and the attention to doing things the right way. It must necessarily be our burden, and we should relish it as such.

And we have our own network.

We often think about the top programs as we stand for all. But it's the lesser programs, such as BC and Purdue and Penn State that reap the most from us being the standard bearer of college football. For instance, due to our elevation of college football, Penn State has been able to move from a relatively obscure average university to a more well-known average university.

Sometimes, it's worth reflecting on our place in college football and how magnanimous we really are.

It's hard always to be the hot date, the wet dreams of all