Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chris Bosh gets a Point Guard

I missed this when it happened, but the Raptors traded Charlie Villanueva straight up for TJ Ford. Ford has been a bit injury prone and has never developed a good jump shot, but Chris Bosh told management they needed a pass-first PG, and maybe they got one in the super-speedy Ford. Not only that, they happen to be buddies from the great state of Texas..... On the surface it seems like the Raptors didn't get the good end of the deal, but in terms of fitting needs, both teams will probably improve. One caution though - Ford's game is much more suited to a run-and-gun team. He's not as effective in a half-court set, so I'm not sure how much improved the Raptors will really be........ : Are the Raptors any better off now?