Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Q&A with Patrick Nix had 3 quick questions with Patrick Nix, and I thought one of them was interesting in terms of his offenive philosophy. while he said things would be a little different, they weren't going to overhaul the system that's been in place for 3 years. Then this on his offensive philosophy...............

What is your offensive philosophy?
Nix: "I'm not an everybody-go-long type of guy, but I want to attack the defense and keep them off balance. You don't have to go long and throw it up to do that. You can change formations and personality, move the pocket, throw short, throw deep to keep the defense guessing. We want to attack, but we want to be smart and don't take dumb risks." College Football - Pitt's H.B. Blades sets lofty goals for himself